Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Be Warned! and Enjoy!

This is my journal in which I will post things relevant to my life, comment on things I wish to, and basically write whatever I feel like writing. It is open to everyone, however heed my warning: Very rarely will I hold things back. I have no problem using actual names, actual place, actual events because those are the best way to express my feelings. If you wish I do otherwise, let me know.

What I write most often will not be proofread unless it is a work of poetry or something akin in nature, so please either accept that or stop reading my blog.

Lastly, while a good portion of my life is public knowledge, there are things I wish to keep private. If you see a blog which only contains a link to another blog - it is my private blog. If you really care to read it, then ask my permission. I have full authority to accept or deny your request without reason.

Thank you and enjoy reading!