Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's been a while...

So I recently remembered that I have this blog already set up and ready to go, which was much nicer than having to create a new one! The only problem was I have only two posts on here, and neither are recent. So it's time to fix that with a brief update.

After a long process and much stress, I finally graduated from college with my BA in Theater, along with minors in tech theater, acting and French. My plans are to eventually continue on for my Masters in Costume Design/Production but for now that is on hold due to financial issues as well as simply the market isn't right for me yet. So I moved back home for the time being. So Bella (my cat) and I moved back home with my parents, my brother and my sister... along with both of their cats - it's a blast...!

After a while, I found a job here at the YMCA as a lifeguard and instructor. I love it there and hope to keep it up. I've also started swimming and competing with their master's team which has been an interesting experience. I also worked for a while costuming for Stage Right, where I used to attend as a student back in high school. Due to contractual issues, that has been put on hold but I am hoping for things to be sorted out to start up again. I also was hired on at JoAnn's for the season but hope that I can be kept on as part time once the holidays are over.

My newest endeavor however, is trying to get my own business up and running. While I've done a lot of reading and looking into the details, as well as pondering about the specifics - I'm still lost and hoping that some of the local resources will be able to assist! Basically I am looking for something part time for now that is two fold: one side will be where I can be contracted by a theater, movie, etc to design costumes and most likely oversee the costumes through the production as well. The other side will be consignment based - basically I would accept orders for costumes and garments and make them to the specifications of the client. Naturally, as I work to improve my skills in sewing and costuming, I am working on my own projects. I'm doing the best I can to actually make them for people I know, be it friends or family members, however I know that some things I will turn around and sell for profit.

I have a lot of ideas and goals right now, just having trouble finding the time to fit it all in! My list of projects keeps growing to the point I really need to sit down and make a list of everything.

As far as everything else is concerned, I'm just busy working and relaxing in the spare time I have with a few good friends. I'm not dating anyone right now, nor am I really interested in anyone either - not yet sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I believe that I am ready for a relationship, it's just finding the right guy. That's the big issue I'm having in the area - most are either already taken, only looking for fun, or guys that I'm not interested in.

I think that catches me up-to-date. I do want to talk more about my business, if even to just get the ideas down in writing somewhere. Please feel free to add your advice or comments to my posts!

'Night and Happy Thanksgiving!

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